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Anthem Blue Cross DMO Dental FAQs

Which dentists may I see for my dental care?
When you enroll in Dental Net, you will be asked to select a Participating Dental Office from a statewide directory.  With the exception of out-of-area emergency services and certain specialty services, all of your dental care needs should be provided by or coordinated through your selected dental office.    

How do I find a Participating Dentist?
You can find the names, addresses, specialties and telephone numbers of Participating Dental Offices in your area by searching the online provider directory using provider finder at   To locate a Participating Dental Office near you or to change dental offices, you may also contact Anthem Blue Cross Member Services at: 800-627-0004.  If you call prior to the 15th of the month, the change will become effective on the first of the following month.  If any family members have dental work in progress, the work must be completed before changing dental offices.   

Can different family members go to different dentists?
Each covered family member can select a Participating Dental Office of their choice.

What is the calendar year maximum?
The calendar year maximum is the maximum payable by Anthem Blue Cross.  For this Plan, it is unlimited.   You can download a complete benefit summary of this Plan by visiting the CPI Benefit Information Center at:

Are there any benefit maximums with this plan?
Benefit maximums include but are not limited to the following:  Oral and prophylaxis procedures are limited to two (2) treatments per calendar year; pediatric dental services are limited to $500 per calendar year for each child.   For Orthodontic services, a member is limited to a lifetime maximum of one 24-month course of treatment.   Please refer to the Plan Evidence of Coverage for further limitations that may apply. 

What if I need care while I am traveling?
You may visit any dentist for emergency care only, and the Plan will cover up to $50.00 less the appropriate copayment.

What do I do if I need a specialist?
The Participating Dental Office you have selected will coordinate the referral to a participating specialist.

More questions?
Contact Human Resources, Anthem Blue Cross Member Services at: 800-627-0004 or our insurance broker, PSW Benefit Resources at:  877-866-2623.  For more information on this dental plan, along with information on all of your CPI employee benefit plans, please visit the CPI Benefit Information Center at:

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